In the past several years, much of the corporate and public sector security discussion has moved in the direction of data centers, network protection, social media and enterprise mobility. All of these components within the modern workplace are certainly important to focus upon for security purposes, but business leaders cannot forget the importance of defending email accounts and messages from the threat of exposure and breach.

Email encryption, as well as tools that streamline compliance requirements such as those under the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, can help to defend against some of the more common threats to organizations today. At the end of the day, comprehension is the single most important aspect of security strategies, in so far as all areas of operations and assets must be protected against the threats they face, as hackers will always look for the one vulnerability to wreak havoc on systems.

Why email security is important
The Guardian recently affirmed that email breaches can be even more dangerous and damaging than those that take place in financial accounts, especially because the communication system works as a main portal to all other accounts. According to the news provider, if a hacker successfully breaks the password into a victim's email account, they can then begin to search through past communications to find financial records, medical records, a wealth of personally identifiable information and more.

This means that this one channel can be used to break into virtually endless varieties of other resources that a given business or consumer may use. The source explained that financial accounts and other website portals will tend to be a bit more contained when breached, as not nearly enough information is stored in these environments as email.

What's more, The Guardian pointed out that email account providers generally have the least stringent security controls in place, making it even more risky.

Solutions to avoid breach
Aside from creating and managing tighter password and credential systems, companies should also be focusing on the protection of each individual email, especially when sensitive information is contained therein. With email encryption services from a proven and reliable managed service provider, these communications will be far more secure in the long term.

Additionally, HIPAA email tools and myriad other protective solutions are readily available for organizations to provision, and the time to get moving on these investments is now.