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With Protected Trust’s Archive Studio suite, Treasure Coast Hospice was able to make a prompt, trouble-free transition from paper to digital format for filing and archiving efficiently

“Our productivity is way up and our handling of patient records is much faster. Document quality is better, and nothing is lost due to human error or paper being shuffled between three or four buildings as it was before.”

Ted Charron,
Treasure Coast Hospice Organization

Protected Trust: Providing Special Care for Managing Hospice Patient Medical Records

Organization: Treasure Coast Hospice Organization
Industry: Healthcare
Location: Martin and St. Lucie Counties, FL

Treasure Coast Hospice has facilities in three Florida counties and has provided compassionate care for more than 30 years. The not-for-profit organization offers medical care and emotional support to patients and their families through counseling and spiritual programs.

The Challenge

Treasure Coast has more than 500 patients at any time. Each patient’s medical record consists of more than 150 required forms, plus many other supplemental documents. In paper format, these files resulted in huge amounts of storage, lost documents, and expensive, time-consuming retrieval methods.

In addition to thousands of medical records, Treasure Coast amassed huge amounts of paper in its HR and Finance departments. The organization needed help, so it turned to Protected Trust for a solution.

The Protected Trust Solution

Treasure Coast chose the Protected Trust Archive Studio content management software suite to convert paper files to digital format for easier handling and retrieving. Archive Studio allows remote or local document capture and indexing for automated delivery to a custom network folder.

With Archive Studio’s WebSearch component, Treasure Coast can quickly and securely access its documents through a browser. WebSearch manages document security, process workflow, retrieval, collaboration, and retention of indexed and stored electronic files housed locally on a network or remote file server.

Recently, Treasure Coast and Protected Trust took a huge step forward. Wanting to maximize all components of Archive Studio, Treasure Coast acquired an unlimited user enterprise license for Archive Studio. The goal was to use the product across the organization for work- flow automation, and the unlimited user license lets Treasure Coast expand easily without unexpected costs or limitations.

Archive Studio gives Treasure Coast a complete workflow solution. The software automatically directs documents through the organization based on user specifications, so crucial and sensitive patient information is never misplaced. With Archive Studio, Treasure Coast meets all regulatory requirements for a file or document. Workflow automation standardizes performance, insures follow through, streamlines the workforce, and produces repeated positive results.

The Result

“Archive Studio turned out to be a great solution for archiving our mountains of paper,” said Ted Charron, Treasure Coast CIO. “It was a total package for an effective content management solution. I was able to take the software that we had been comfortable with using for a number of years and employ another component of the same software package for a workflow automation solution across the organization.

“As a result, our productivity is way up and our handling of patient records is much faster. With WebSearch, we can view a file through a browser instead of sending a bunch of inter-office mail all over the place. Document quality is better, and nothing is lost due to human error or paper being shuffled between three or four buildings as it was before.

“The software requires minimal training to get users up and running, and there is so much less paper storage space needed at our facilities today. Additionally, maximizing the functionality of Archive Studio has been excellent for Treasure Coast with regard to compliance. With the software we can easily provide requested documents in an instant.

“When I originally evaluated the Protected Trust product, I determined it came out number one against three other providers in most effective cost of ownership. I am very happy with my decision to choose Protected Trust, and very happy to be working with their support team now and into the future.”