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Which Microsoft Surface Warranty Will Best Protect Your Investment?

By Ingram Leedy on December 16, 2019
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If you’re looking at a new Microsoft Surface device this year, you may want to also consider adding a warranty or accidental damage coverage in case something goes wrong.

Check out the video and blog post below to learn more about the various types of Microsoft Surface warranties and tips for determining which is right for you!

There are a lot of different Microsoft Surface warranties available, and you want to be sure you're making the most well-informed decision that's aligned to meet your needs. So, if you’re not sure what’s included with various warranty options or what the differences between them are, we’re here to help!

Why You Should Invest in a Microsoft Surface Warranty 

Purchasing a Surface device is a big investment for your business. But it’s not just an investment in the hardware itself—it’s an investment in your employees and how they get work done. So, you want to be able to protect that investment. 

Having your Surface devices work properly is key if you want to increase collaboration, mobility, and security in your business. Without fully functional devices, your employees can’t get their jobs done! If a repair or replacement does need to be made, it’s important that you can get it done quickly—without breaking the budget. Having a Microsoft Surface warranty will give you peace of mind that your investment is well protected and that your employees can continue working at optimal efficiency! 

Microsoft Surface Warranty Plans

Let’s explore the four tiers of Microsoft Surface warranty plans: 

Standard Manufacturer Warranty 

When you purchase a Surface device from Microsoft, it comes equipped with a standard hardware manufacturer warranty that is good for one year. If the device has some sort of mechanical issue with it, it can be replaced under this warranty. 

Extended Warranty 

You can push the standard manufacturer warranty beyond one year with an extended warranty. This option is available for three to four year teams, and can be purchased up to 45 days after you’ve purchased the device. So, if you buy a new Surface then realize a few days later that you want the extended warranty, no big deal! To add an extended warranty later, simply visit the Microsoft Store app store using your new device, search “Microsoft Complete,” and choose your option. You can do this within 45 days of the initial purchase date. 

How much does this plan cost? It differs depending on the device and coverage term, but as an example, it would add about $100 to the purchase price of a Surface Pro.

Microsoft Complete for Business Warranty  

The standard manufacturer and extended warranty levels are best for consumer use. If you’re a business, Microsoft Complete for Business is likely the ideal Surface warranty option for you. These plans are available in two, three, and four year coverage terms. Again, the price will differ depending on the device—for a Surface Pro, it would add about $240 to the purchase price of the device. This plan can also be purchased up to 45 days after the initial hardware purchase. 

Microsoft Complete for Business includes replacement for mechanical breakdowns like the basic one year manufacturer warranty, plus:

  • Up to two years of additional technical and hardware support
  • Up to two years of software support for Windows and Office
  • In-store services from Microsoft's Answer Desk Experts
  • Training sessions for Windows, Office, and OneDrive 
  • Other services like PC tune-ups and anti-virus protection
  • Advanced Exchange

Without Advanced Exchange, if you needed a replacement device, you’d have to make a claim, send your device back, and then wait to get the new device. On the other hand, with Advanced Exchange, as soon as you make your claim, Microsoft will send out your replacement. Once you receive it, you simply put the old one in the box and send it back. This reduces turnaround time! 

The Microsoft Complete for Business warranty also comes with accidental damage coverage. So, in case you crack your screen, drop the device, or spill coffee on your keyboard, the replacement device will be covered. You can do this two times during the warranty period, so make sure spilling coffee on your keyword isn’t a regular habit! 

Microsoft Complete for Business Plus Warranty  

The next tier of Surface warranties available is Microsoft Business Complete Plus. This is the most expensive option—for a Surface Pro, it would add about $270 to the total purchase price. This plan includes all that Microsoft Complete does, plus next business day replacement. This means once you make a claim for a replacement device, you will receive it the next business day. 

Don’t Know if Your Surface Devices are Already Under Warranty?

Before you go purchasing a new Microsoft Surface warranty for a particular device, you want to make sure it isn’t already covered. Especially for large companies using tons of devices at once, it can be hard to keep track of which device is still covered and which isn’t. 

So, simply go to to check your warranty status. Type in the serial number of your Surface device and it will tell you exactly when you bought it, if it's still under warranty, and if so, how much time remains in the coverage term. 

Protect Your Investment in Surface Devices with Protected Trust! 

If you have any more questions or would like to purchase a Microsoft Surface warranty, reach out to one of our experts or visit our online store!

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