The IT security environment has been tumultuous in recent years, as more companies continue to struggle to gain a handle on network and data access controls while hackers appear to be having a field day. Regardless of size and industry, every organization needs to become a bit more comprehensive and proactive in its security deployments to begin reducing the threats of compromised networks, exposed sensitive information and other substantially dangerous issues.

From email encryption to general systems configuration and everything in between, securing the entirety of corporate IT frameworks and communications has become a more difficult challenge for many businesses. Luckily, there are plenty of supportive solutions and services that can be acquired to bring the organization's management frameworks up to speed on modern threats and vulnerabilities.

Why is more security important?
InformationWeek recently reported that a new study from the Ponemon Institute, titled "The State of Data Centric Security," revealed that many businesses are simply dumbfounded by the sheer volume of diversity of digital information, evidenced by the low rate of organizations that know where their sensitive files reside. According to the news provider, fewer than 10 percent of respondents could clearly explain where all of their sensitive unstructured data was at the time of the survey.

Notably, unstructured data was classified as emails and documents. This means that communications and file sharing channels might have turned into the Wild West throughout the past several years, rather than becoming more protected. The source explained that 84 percent of the respondents did not know where their sensitive structured data was, which is an even scarier statistic.

"What this study shows is that data protection procedures at most organizations are woefully insufficient, as sensitive and confidential data continues to proliferate beyond traditional IT perimeters," Larry Ponemon, founder of the Ponemon Institute, affirmed, according to Information Week.

Get moving on security solution procurement
Businesses that fall into these lackluster categories should understand that this type of negligence in the security game can and often will lead to significant threats to continuity and financial stability. Even one errant email containing sensitive information can lead to a breach that costs the firm an enormous amount of money, while those under compliance requirements will likely face penalties, fines and sanctions from regulators.

By leveraging reliable email encryption and IT security solutions from proven vendors, decision-makers can begin to turn the tables on threat management.