With custom message policies, you can choose what works best for the kind of person you’re sending the secure message to.


For example (and this is totally customizable!), you could create, say, three policies:

  • Referral to another Practice or Provider – Use Required Registration. This will require other clinics/providers to register for an account because you know you'll be communicating with them frequently. And, your business associates can use their free guest account to send you new secure messages if they don’t have encryption in their office yet.
  • Patient Communications - Just use a shared secret question & answer when sending to your patients, because you only send them once every few months or years. You can choose a unique passcode, or ask them a question that they will know the answer to automatically like: What are the last four digits of your SS#?
  • Records Request – Use No Verification. Make a policy so that recipient does not need to do any identity verification - they simply reply with the request information or file.  Simple for them and simple for you!

To set it up, login at protectedtrust.com/login, click Settings, then Message Policies (on the left), then New Message Policy. If you’re not the admin on your account, you’ll need to get your admin to do this. Also, our support team would be happy to help out – just explain to them what you'd like to accomplish.


Written by protectedtrust


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