• Email Systems Integration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Improved Security


The planning, implementation, transition, and physical security of the Protected Trust communications solutions was unmatched, even with one of SoundView's clients who conducted a two-year Gartner study to select the best U.S. vendor of Cloud based hosted email.

"We are often able to resolve any issues before a support ticket can even be generated or processed."

Bill McGee,
Managing Partner
SoundView IT Solutions

Email Encryption Solution Secures Protected Health Information

Organization: SoundView IT Solutions, LLC
Industry: IT Professional Reseller
Location: Fairfield, CT, US

SoundView IT Solutions is a full service IT Integration company with over 30 years of experience in the Hedge Fund, Banking and Health Care Industries. Our mission is to design and build cutting edge, fault tolerant, cost effective network systems. We know how to reduce IT budgets by understanding the Total Cost of Ownership. We balance reliability with cost, giving us a distinctive edge over our competition.

The Challenge

SoundView IT Solutions was challenged to find a Cloud based hosted email solution for companies with unusually high security needs.

Email System Migration

Email is essential for SoundView IT Solutions’ clients. Managing Partner Bill McGee notes, “Each client has a different comfort level with mission-critical components like email. Some take up to two years to perform a migration.”

Planning and communication are both crucial to the success of such a process. Protected Trust staff gather requirements, define implementation goals, create a timeline, and craft a well-defined statement of work for the project. All along the way they are communicating with the stakeholders.

Bill McGee works closely with the Protected Trust teams during the migration of his client’s email systems. For just a complicated endeavor, “Protected Trust makes it easy,” he said. “The staff provide high-touch support, including a proactive heads- up to potential issues which is always very helpful.”

McGee stays in close contact with the Protected Trust teams during the implementation and then afterwards with the Lync instant message software.

Disaster Recovery

SoundView IT Solutions clientele are often in market sectors that are highly sensitive to security needs, such as Finance and Banks.

Protected Trust provides both on-site and off-site security, redundancy and disaster recovery (DR) options. Networks, messaging infrastructure and facilities have no single point of failure.

Additionally, secure data facilities in Colorado provide a remote back up system to the local back up system. In the event of a total or long-term disaster a redundant network will ensure continuous operation.

Physical Security

SoundView IT Solutions is more familiar with the Protected Trust physical security procedures than most companies. Bill McGee’s first tour of the facility was on one of the worst weather days of the year, with tornadoes confirmed and flights delayed.

The Protected Trust solutions are supported by an optimal power infrastructure, network connectivity and physical security to safeguard mission-critical business services. The physical location is unmatched in Florida, being 168’ above sea level and outside of the Federal government’s 500-year flood and wind zones.

The building that houses the data center is five stories tall but was constructed to bear ten stories, giving more that twice the needed infrastructure stability. Additionally, multiple Tier 1 carriers provide direct bandwidth that eliminates about 40% of traditional “last mile” costs for network services. The facilities are rated with a SSAE 16 Type II certification, without exception, and carry a category 4 hurricane rating. The security controls are designed to follow NIST 800- 53 closely to ensure compliance with regulations for government customers.


From its early days working with the U.S. Federal government to provide secure email to foreign governments to today Protected Trust has leveraged its security and compliance expertise to broaden its target markets to include not only government but other highly sensitive sectors, as well. SoundView IT Solutions capitalizes on these unique security features to provides an optimal email communications solution to all its clients.