While many are familiar with the free Skype consumer platform, we still encounter a lot confusion around what Microsoft’s Skype for Business can do for small and medium sized companies. Skype for Business comes as an integral piece of the Microsoft Office 365 software. Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 can take the place of apps like DropBox, Evernote, the G+ suite- all for a lower price than other competitors are charging for phone and conferencing services alone. Best of all, Skype for Business utilizes the same familiar user interface as consumer Skype, while supplying a whole host of new functionality that provides a truly versatile communication experience.

Staying Connected Has Never Been Easier
Because Skype for Business comes as a part of Microsoft Office 365, users can operate it seamlessly with their other Microsoft Office tools. During a call, users can schedule future meetings in Outlook, share or access documents via One Drive, chat with colleagues through Teams, or present a PowerPoint deck all without leaving the software.

There are so many ways to collaborate with coworkers in Skype for Business: HD video and audio calls, web conferencing, video and audio call recording, and more. You can use Skype for Business anywhere with mobile apps available for Windows, iOS and Android. Your contact directory allows you to see if your colleagues are available to chat or away from their desk. A quick conversation can start in a chat where you can share files.

Skype for Business also provides a complete enterprise-level VoIP solution along with PSTN conferencing, which allows anyone to join your Skype meetings using any telephone. Skype for Business allows you to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere across the globe, regardless of their technology.

Powerful Web Conferencing  
Skype for Business includes robust desktop sharing options during web conferencing. Presenters can display any visuals, applications, software, documents, webpages, or parts of their desktops. Meeting attendees can actively participate in the meeting by taking control of the keyboard or mouse or through sharing their own screen, if allowed. Additionally, if a presenter is sharing a Microsoft PowerPoint, they will be able to use animations, transitions, or embedded video. Companies can broadcast to audiences of up to 10,000 as Skype for Business allows users to join meetings from most browsers or devices.

Secure and Supportive Communication
You are in control when you use Skype for Business, as it affords you the ability to mute everyone's microphones and turn off video, disable chat during the meeting, hide the participant list from everyone else, make everyone an attendee, and send invitations to the meeting via email. Skype for Business is a secure way to connect with clients and coworkers protecting your communications through authentication and encryption. As with all Microsoft Office 365 software, Skype for Business is easily integrated into your compliance and security strategies. As a Gold-Level Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, Protected Trust supports Skype for Business users with Trust Care, which delivers superior service, proactive guidance and exceptional support. Our team is committed to helping you gain the full benefit of your investment through comprehensive onboarding, employee training, and 24/7/365 support.