Protected Trust is pleased to introduce another value-added service for our customers through the launch of our support portal found at The portal takes its place alongside other support venues, such as the Protected Trust blog, website, and email support.

This new tool allows customers to ask questions, share ideas, report problems, and give praise for products and services, all within a community setting. The idea is to increase transparency while building relationships between the customers, support team members, and each other through integration with Facebook, Twitter, and community stats.

Why bring social media into support venues? Because Protected Trust understands that trust and privacy are essential for building meaningful human relationships. Those relationships don't happen in a vacuum. The dialogue, interaction, and connections of the community format provide opportunities for people to have a voice, whether to ask questions, talk about how to use Protected Trust products, solve problems, or give well-earned praise. When people feel they are heard they tend to feel valued, which increases trust among the group.

Further, the community venue provides a context for the exchange of technical information in ways that make sense at the individual user level, based on the particular circumstances of that user. If you've ever tried to read (or re-read) a technical answer without understanding the author's explanation, you will appreciate being able to break down those technical descriptions in layman's terms through the interactive format of the support portal.

The tool is available now. It's a speedy way to let your voice be heard. Getting started is easy. Go to the Protected Trust forum at and click 'Log in or Sign up' in the upper right-hand corner of the page.