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6 min read

How to Improve Collaboration And Workflows with Microsoft Teams

In today’s digitally-driven, hyper-connected world, effective business communication is essential for success. In fact,
3 min read

How Microsoft Teams Can Level Up Your Meetings

Effective team meetings are the cornerstone of productive and efficient companies. However, remote working environments...
4 min read

Microsoft Surface: Devices Created for Collaboration

Effective business teamwork requires strong collaboration tools—especially when it comes to remote working environments...
3 min read

How the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Enhances Mobility and Collaboration

The importance of business communication and collaboration is something that cannot be overstated. Being able to have...
4 min read

Surface as a Service with Microsoft 365 is a Complete IT Solution

Here at Protected Trust, we love the Microsoft Surface. We use them ourselves as our primary work devices—and have come...
4 min read

Maximizing Your ROI from Microsoft 365 Enterprise with Microsoft Surface

Your organization can experience numerous benefits when using Microsoft 365 software on Surface devices, such as...
4 min read

Join a Call or Meeting with Microsoft Teams Mobile App

In today’s digitally-driven business world, mobility is crucial. As remote work and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)...
5 min read

The Microsoft Surface Go is the Promise of The Cloud Fulfilled

"The Cloud” has been making promises to me for a long time. A concept that debuted before it was ready, the term “The...
3 min read

How to Best Utilize the Teams Mobile App

In this episode of “How to Office 365,” we’re taking a look at the Teams mobile app. With this mobile app, leveraging...