All those emails hurtling from your computer through cyberspace (though, Protected Trust clients can rest assured that the hurtling is both secure and encrypted!) are stored for a pre-determined length of time on our servers so they can be accessed by you in the future. How long they need to be accessed varies significantly from industry to industry. Some businesses need no more than 90 days of secure storage. Others may need 10 years of storage.

But what if a business needs more than just secure storage? What if your company managers/executives/auditors need a way to quickly and securely search through every email sent and received from anyone in the company? Protect Trust now has a solution for just that need. Based on customer feedback, Protected Trust has developed an efficient way to keep a complete, searchable, encrypted database of all emails both sent and received.

Clients may choose between two methods of journaling. For local journaling, or if a company already uses a journaling service, Protected Trust can configure mail servers to securely copy all emails to the journaled storage servers. Alternatively, our engineers can regularly burn DVDs of the email records; in that option, each file is encrypted with your organization credentials.

Contact Protected Trust Support Staff for more information, to determine your company's journaling and storage needs, and to obtain the downloads and instructions for email journaling.