• Secure Document Storage
  • Simple Catalog of Scanned Documents
  • Prompt Technical Support


Protected Trust provided a simple cataloging and archiving solution, with competent filing methods and swift, smoothe online file retrieval.

“The setup process was so easy. I simply told Protected Trust what we wanted, they made some suggestions, and we established the filing system and search parameters. The software does the rest.”

Rich Pierce,
Executive Vice President
National Border Patrol Council

Protected Trust Take the Labour Out of U.S. Border Patrol Enployee Representation

Organization: National Border Patrol Council
Industry: Government
Location: United States

The National Border Patrol Council, a professional labor union, represents more than 17,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents and support staff. Executive VP Rich Pierce oversees the assignment of labor cases to more than 500 union representatives. He also works to devise the best ways to automate case management.

The Challenge

Any legal case can include a multitude of paperwork, and Council reps need fast access to files.

“We had no streamlined process for our representatives to obtain documents,” says Rich. “Everything was floating about the country, simply being handled on a case- by-case basis. Shipping files around the country was risky, costly, and ineffective. I had to find a way to maximize the representative’s time and access to all relevant case information, ultimately ensuring the best representation for Border Patrol employees.”

The Protected Trust Solution

Rich wanted one secure location for everyone to get documents quickly and easily. After evaluating software packages, he decided the Council needed a service without the cost and responsibility of installing and maintaining an in-house document management system. Protected Trust, he decided, would best serve the Council’s needs.

Protected Trust Archive Studio allows secure document storing on Protected Trust servers, with users retrieving documents using the WebSearch component, which allows sharing documents over the Internet.

Archive Studio allows easy cataloging of scanned documents, email, and other files using custom metadata and file names. Protected Trust works with customers to select the best terms to automatically file fully searchable PDF documents on secure Protected Trust servers. With WebSearch, users can instantly retrieve documents.

So the Council bought document scanners for approximately 15 field offices that kept many of the case files. Scanned files are sent electronically to Protected Trust servers and filed according to Council parameters. To access a document with WebSearch, users simply log on through a web portal and specify search terms.

The Results

“Protected Trust has made a world of difference,” says Rich. “About one hundred users access files daily, and that number should increase soon. We have scanned and stored many older files, and day-forward we instantly handle everything through the new service.

“I had tried centralizing all documents myself via the Council website, but it didn’t work. The site became cumbersome to navigate, and I couldn’t keep up with demand. Now, with Archive Studio, we easily handle all documents captured in many different locations. With shared input and user-friendly service, more people file electronically. Our representatives have a great way to get case files instantly, and we’re fulfilling all demands for exemplary service.

“The setup process was so easy. I simply told Protected Trust what we wanted, they made some suggestions, and we established the filing system and search parameters. The software does the rest.

“Even better, Protected Trust works with us on an ongoing basis to modify anything that needs attention.

“The service is very affordable, and I no longer spend a fortune on overnight shipping! Our organization is growing by leaps and bounds, and I look forward to Protected Trust further promoting this growth.”