We help our clients build the modern workplace.  The modern workplace is a platform in which your employees can enjoy secure, highly reliable environments for exchanging ideas, having conversations, collaborating, and doing their best work


What do we do at Protected Trust?

It’s a question we get all the time, and it’s never been a short answer. Throughout the years we’ve tackled a diverse array of technical challenges for businesses from dozens of industries. This has made it hard to give a comprehensive answer, but in the past few years we’ve made great strides in simplifying our business and focusing on delivering a specific set of services really well.

We call them pillars and of them we have six. They are the six pillars of a roadmap that we help businesses accomplish, and if we do say so ourselves they are things we are pretty darn good at. We’ve been busy on YouTube and have talked through what each of these pillars means to us so we thought we’d put them all in one place.


Pillar #1

Fix embarrassing Wi-Fi

If you don’t have great internet access everywhere your employees work in your business, you’re missing out on productivity, causing frustration, and not getting as much out of your technology as you could be. The most common sentiment from clients that we’ve helped address Wi-Fi issues is that they didn’t know what they were missing. If your Wi-Fi is anything less than perfect, we’re here to dial it in and/or upgrade with the best Wi-Fi equipment around.

Pillar #2

Simplify Computer Upgrades

If your work computer was destroyed today, how bad would that be? For clients with Protected Trust’s Microsoft 365 solution, the answer is “no biggie.” Protected Trust works with you to ensure your company’s data is not only private but indestructible. That includes what’s on workstations and how those workstations are configured.

When you’ve got Microsoft 365 with TrustCare, getting back up and running is a simple matter of just grabbing another computer. You can either deploy your entire user to that machine using Microsoft 365 or you can simply log into the Office 365 web portal and have complete access to all of your files and email.

Pillar #3
Replace Your File Server With OneDrive

File servers are something businesses USED to need. However, with recent advances in cloud technology, the ubiquity of broadband internet access, and services like Sharepoint and OneDrive within Office 365, it’s very rare that businesses aren’t better served using the cloud to store their data.

We specialize in helping businesses make the move from physical servers to the cloud. It’s a process that can be fraught with peril, but with Protected Trust you’re working with a team of people that has done this a few thousand times. This experience means less hiccups, less or no downtime, and a smooth transition to the cloud.

Pillar #4
Upgrade Your Office Communication

Traditional office phones are more expensive and less capable than their modern Voice over IP (VoIP) descendants. Office 365 and with Skype for Business provides an incredible communication tool that not only fills the roll of a traditional phone system, but provides much more in way of video conference calls, being able to pick up your phone from all of your devices, and ease of management.

Pillar #5

Don’t buy another server, ever

We not only believe Microsoft’s cloud is the best place for your file server, but for your application servers as well. No matter what kind of application you have, there’s no reason it must run on a server in your office or in a data center. We help companies make complete transitions to the cloud. Even that one ancient application running on a server that you were once told had to remain on a server to be secure, can be hosted in Azure with even more security.

Pillar #6

Stay Secure

Security and privacy is our DNA, and at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to help your organization create, share and protect digital information and something that every single employee of Protected Trust is committed to.

The above 3+ hours of video are a lot to take in, but we have we have even more to say on all these subjects. It’s the stuff we’re passionate about. If your organization needs help with any of these concerns contact us, and we’ll promise to try our best to not talk your ear off about it.