• Continuous Availability
  • Migration to Cloud Hosted Email
  • Storage Capacity


  • Cloud Based Exchange Platform
  • Redundant Data Centers
  • Increased Storage Capacity

“Protected Trust offers us great service.”

Bob Covello,
Information Risk Manager - IT Director
M.D. Sass Investors Services

Protected Trust: Providing Seamless Migration and Storage for Financial Services

Organization: M.D. Sass Investors Services
Industry: Financial
Location: New York, NY

M.D. Sass has been a leading name in investment management for forty years. Today M.D. Sass and affiliates employ a staff of over 100 people. Clients include some of the world’s largest financial institutions, state and local governments, Fortune 500 and other corporations, endowment funds, foundations, Taft Hartley funds and high net worth individuals.

The Challenge

M.D. Sass wanted to “Get off the upgrade treadmill,” according to Information Risk Manager – IT Director Bob Covello, by switching to a cost-effective cloud based email communications solution.

The Protected Trust Solution

Well-managed migration to a Cloud hosted Microsoft® Exchange service that maintained continuous uptime and increased storage capacity.

Moving to The Cloud

“We were scared ourselves because we knew this was a big job,” says Covello about the decision to move from an in-house email infrastructure to a managed services solution in the cloud. The constant upgrading of hardware, software, and licenses every couple years was taxing and expensive. The decision to move to the Cloud became easy, but finding the right service provider was key.

Covello led M.D. Sass on a search that looked elsewhere, but through a third party came to Protected Trust as a candidate. Conversations about the migration of email to the new venue eased Covello’s mind.

“There is an exceptional team of dedicated technology professionals at Protected Trust and they’ve proven that over time,” says Covello.


Since the successful migration any minor issues were handled so quickly that most M.D. Sass users didn’t even realize there might be a problem. A quick and personal response time has ensured that staff and clients have access to their information when they need it, without delay.

The Protected Trust staff understands that email is a business asset. The availability of communications is essential to engendering trust for the business, whether the assets in question are large or small.

Increased Storage

Handling large files and massive mailboxes is easy with Protected Trust managed services.

“Our users have no self-control when it comes to cleaning out their email,” jokes Covello. “We needed adequate storage for the real world.”

And other services were important too, such as online archiving, security, and ease of use. Protected Trust is able to customize services to fit client’s needs no matter how large or small.


What started as a desire to avoid yet another upgrade turned into a customized email solution with Protected Trust that saved M.D. Sass time and energy, allowing their staff to get on with managing their business assets without worrying about the technology behind it. That kind of peace of mind is invaluable.