The great businessman Howard Schultz once said "If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand." In our case, when it comes to networking gear, we’re very loyal to Meraki, because they very much share our values when it comes to how a Wi-Fi network should work and how technology should be managed.

If you’re like Protected Trust and most of anything you do is done over the internet or a network, the Wi-Fi and networking gear you use is going to make serious impacts on your productivity. And if you’re expecting anything other than perfect when it comes to how your employees connect to Wi-Fi, you should take another look at your network.

You always know what’s happening on you network

Empowering businesses with information is a true passion of the people who work at Protected Trust. That sounds like “corporate talk” but understanding what’s happening with your business in real time is crucial. If you don’t have it you’re flying without instruments. That’s why we love Meraki’s network monitoring. You can see what each user is doing, how much bandwidth their consuming, and gain a deeper understanding of how users are using the network. Or if they are just looking at cat GIFs all day.

More than just keeping tabs on your employees during work hours, Meraki alerts you to attacks and other suspicious activity as well as any connectivity your users might be having. It gives you all the visibility of an enterprise solution that small businesses can use just as well as a thousand-person company.

100% managed on The Cloud

We’re big on cloud solutions at Protected Trust so when Meraki was able to offer us complete cloud-based management of networks, it was love at first sight. Having an always-on connection to the internet allows Meraki to alert you when your internet connection is down and take care of software updates without any action needed on your part or downtime.

This connectivity means that if there are issues with your network, you can get outside help in a matter of moments instead of having to wait for a networking guy to drive out to your business. However, since the Meraki is being actively monitored and updated via the cloud we find there rarely anything to fix.

Always up to date and completely secure

The fact that Meraki networks automatically keep themselves up to date with the latest software is a big deal, not just because it’s one less thing you need to worry about. Keeping software up to date, is one of the most effective steps you can take in keeping you business secure. This is why software is moving to a subscription model as we’ve previously explained, it’s the only way to keep their software from becoming a gaping hole in your business’s IT infrastructure. Meraki realized early on that the same goes for hardware.

If your network is doing anything other that working perfectly everywhere you need it look into Meraki or contact us. We typically come out to your location, do a full assessment of your current network and then provide you a road map to get your network from where it is to flawless. Check out our recent livestream about how we addressed our own office’s Wi-Fi issues with Meraki: