Members of Leadership Polk Class VII visited Protected Trust on Jan. 30, 2014, as part of “Infrastructure Day.”  During a tour of the Protected Trust data security facilities, class members heard from Ingram Leedy, Protected Trust CEO, and Hiep Nguyen, CIO, City of Winter Haven.

Before 2030, Polk County will have growth management and infrastructure that protect the environment, enhance quality of life, promote education and economic development, and are economically sustainable.

To reach those goals, Leadership Polk has identified five strategies:

  • Maintain smart, coordinated, comprehensive land use plans for new growth and redevelopment that provide sufficient infrastructure to support livable and economically sustainable communities.
  • Create and maintain a fully funded, coordinated, multi-modal transportation system that moves people and goods withing Polk County and is regionally connected.
  • Promote stewardship of available water resources to ensure sufficient supply and reserves to promote quality of life and sustain economic development.
  • Preserve and protect the natural environment and provide wildlife and pedestrian connections between development and green spaces.
  • Promote public-private partnerships to plan, develop, and support information technology communication infrastructure.

Leadership Polk is a Polk Vision program that brings together leaders from across Polk County who have a commitment to civic engagement within our local communities. Class members are selected based on their leadership abilities, career accomplishments, volunteer activities, contributions to the community, and commitment to work towards a collaborative and thriving Polk County.

Over the course of 10 months, the class explores “hot topics” facing Polk County through facilitated conversations, group interactions, expert presentations, location tours, and experiential learning. Participants build relationships with other passionate, influential, and positive-thinking leaders, and gain a greater understanding of Polk County as the larger community that we all share.

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