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Protected trust’s array of products and services provided Lake County Water Authority with the right tools to efficiently and securely file, index, and retrieve documents, with outstanding customer support.

“We know we can find a document quickly and be sure it will be there for a long time, thanks to the Ricoh/Protected trust combination.”

Ben Garcia,
Lake County Water Authority

Protected Trust and Ricoh Clean Up Document Handling and Preservation at Lake County Water Authority

Organization: Lake County Water Authority
Industry: Government
Location: Tavares, FL

The Lake County Water Authority in Tavares, Fla., aims to improve local waterways for everyone to enjoy. At the agency, Ben Garcia handles all computer and network needs. In 2007, Ben and his staff needed a new copier. Through the government bid process, careful product evaluation, and Ben’s foresight, he got much more than just a copier.

The Challenge

The Lake County Water Authority keeps critical records according to federal government retention schedules. They can exceed 100 pages with more than 100 categories for document designation. To archive documents, staff had to manually navigate a retention schedule to determine a document’s proper designation, which drained significant amounts of time. Staff also had to retrieve and copy files manually for document requests.

Ben knew that digitizing documents and storing them electronically would help meet retention requirements, fulfill document requests, and decrease files on site. But could he find a solution on a limited budget?

The Protected Trust Solution

After receiving several bids, Ben selected Ricoh Americas Corporation as the best option. Upon reviewing the Agency’s retention requirements, the Ricoh representative suggested Ben use the Protected trust Archive Studio software package with the Ricoh MP C4500, a multifunction document imaging system, for an enhanced workflow.

Protected trust Archive Studio lets users easily classify and file documents for secure electronic storage and retrieval. With this solution, the Lake County Water Authority can control the flow of its documents -- from capture and index, to access, retrieval, and destruction.

By combining Archive Studio software with the Ricoh MP C4500 hardware, the Authority can automatically scan documents, select a file classification, convert documents to searchable PDF files, and archive them per customized filing requirements.

Using Goby Capture, a component of Archive Studio, the Authority adds a profile sheet to a document before scanning it. This barcoded sheet includes selectable custom index metadata. The software then performs optical character recognition on the scanned document and automatically files it as a PDF per the profile sheet specifications on a secure centralized server.

Using WebSearch, a browser-based component of Archive Studio, employees can easily find documents via a secure Web browser. Staff can also archive and retrieve emails and attachments in the same fashion.

Treasure Coast meets all regulatory requirements for a file or document. Workflow automation standardizes performance, insures follow through, streamlines the workforce, and produces repeated positive results.

The Results

“By combining Archive Studio with the MP C4500, we ended up with a complete package for more effective document handling and retention,” says Ben. “Protected trust and Ricoh provided support that let us customize the system to our specifications, and our staff quickly realized the system’s value. The combination provides fast and easy retrieval to comply with requests for information while also meeting retention schedule requirements - which is no small feat.

“The Protected trust team worked side by side with us on programming to best fit our needs, and they provide support whenever we need it – even remotely. Our staff saves precious time, freeing up resources for other projects, and when responding to public requests we provide better customer service. Record keeping is more effective and we have backup for our files. We know we can find a document quickly and be sure it will be there for a long time, thanks to the Ricoh/Protected trust combination.”