• Send Sensitive Financial Data Securely
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Ease of Use


Protected Trust provided a simple, secure e-mail messaging solution for storage and transmission of confidential information which was able to reduce liability substantially.

“It was worth it to me to get Protected Trust.... It’s so easy to use and it benefits us several ways.”

Lisa Dye,
The Infinity Group

The Infinity Group Protects Customer Confidentiality with Protected Trust

Organization: The Infinity Group
Industry: Web and Graphic Design
Location: Smyrna, TN

The Infinity Group has a passion for helping small businesses create professional websites and other marketing materials. Located in Smyrna, Tenn., the team of graphic designers and coders works diligently to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations. Their goal is to give customers a custom website or marketing piece that is unique to their business and accurately represents their company. The Infinity Group aims to provide outstanding customer service and exceed customer expectations – always.

The Challenge

That commitment to exceeding customer expectations includes communicating with customers. Owner Lisa Dye was concerned about privacy and wanted a way to exchange confidential information by email. After carefully reviewing her options, she turned to Protected Trust.

“We don’t see 99 percent of our customers,” she says. “We were receiving credit card information by fax or email, which made me nervous. We also do a lot of work for doctors and others in the healthcare industry, so we’re sensitive to HIPAA requirements. We want to help our customers avoid any violations. Although most doctors are very tech savvy, many of them still think email is private, and that made me nervous.”

The Protected Trust Solution

Before choosing Protected Trust, Lisa looked at other options for secure email, but she found them too complex and too expensive. She wanted something simple to use that wouldn’t frustrate her clients.

“It was worth it to me to get Protected Trust,” she says. “It’s so easy to use and it benefits us several ways. For example, it lets our clients know we’re looking out for them and protecting them by giving them a secure method of providing information. That makes us look professional, while giving our clients a sense of trust and security.

“Also, from a liability perspective, it makes me feel a lot better knowing someone won’t grab confidential information and use it illegally.”

After trying Protected Trust’s secure email herself, Lisa knew it offered the best solution for her and her clients.

“The Protected Trust trial was the key for me,” she says. “I sent some test messages, and it was incredibly easy.”

She liked that email recipients don’t need to register to access the secured email, a variety of identity authentication options are available, and that no appliance installation is required.

“ And the price is perfect,” she says. “It’s incredibly fair for the value you get. I recommend Protected Trust to clients and people in the healthcare industry.“


Now, using secure email from Protected Trust, Lisa has a simple way to exchange confidential information with her customers.

The service enhances her credibility and professionalism, sending customers a vital message that she respects and safeguards their privacy. Customers, in turn, appreciate doing business with a trusted professional who exceeds their security expectations. And everyone has peace of mind.