Email in Teams

As a new intern, working for a company that specializes in technology and software, I have had the privilege of learning how to operate and use cutting-edge computer software, specifically Office 365. At first glance Office 365 may seem daunting, as it has many features and applications. Nevertheless, as a noncomputer savvy, Journalism major I was able to understand how to use many of Office 365s features just by experimenting.

One of the innovative new features that Office 365 offers is called, Microsoft Teams. Teams is an incredible tool designed to easily share conversations and files between groups or individuals. However, Teams also has the capability to share and send emails within a Teams conversation.

All you have to do is go onto your Teams application and find out which channel of people you wish to share your email with. Each channel has a different email so right click on the channel you are choosing and copy the email address it provides you.

Next, you will need to open Microsoft Outlook and find a message or create a new one. Finally paste the copied email address into the “To” field and send your email like you would any other email.

Once your email is sent to a channel in teams the recipients have several options. They can either read the email in teams, download the original email and open it in Outlook, or click on the attachment to view and download the email.

Another neat feature of Outlook is if you want to send another email to the same team in the future, Outlook automatically saves the email address to the channel, so you can easily find the proper channels email address in the future. This is just one of the many tools that Microsoft uses to make life easier for their customers and a great way to make sure all team members are kept in the loop.

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