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“It’s been a positive experience for us.”

Gene Downing,
Managing Director
Downing Management Group

Protected Trust: Secure, Versatile Hosting Solutions for Any Need

Organization: Downing Management Group
Industry: Management and Technology Consulting Services
Location: Orlando, FL

Downing Management Group is a manufacturers’ representative group, covering the state of Florida including the panhandle.

Established in 1999, Downing Management Group has been dedicated to helping the manufacturers develop a “pull through” marketing strategy by working closely with the end user and dealer networks. Together with their strong working relationships with the distribution channels and industry-diversed sales team, DMGroup has an unequaled base of customer loyalty.

The Challenge

The Downing Management Group and their clients needed a hosted email solution that prioritized both customer service and the security and privacy of digital information assets.

The Protected Trust Solution

Protected Trust offered a customizable solution, scalable to both the DMGroup and their clients. The staff at Protected Trust are experts at security, privacy, and compliance throughout the data life cycle.

Hosted Email

When Gene Downing, Managing Director of the DMGroup, took ownership of his company in 2006 it was having trouble with email.

“We tried other nationally-known hosted email providers but they were full of hassles,” recalls Gene.

The convenience of hosting email in the Cloud, combined with the reduced expense and time compared to self-hosting an email server, drove DMGroup to continue looking for the right provider.

A previous professional relationship led Gene to Protected Trust.

“I tried it for our own company first, and never looked back,” said Gene.

The hosted Exchange platform, built around the suite of Microsoft® Exchange communication tools performed better than the previous competitors. So well, in fact, that DMGroup began advising clients to use the Protected Trust hosted Exchange service.

Secure Communications

Some of those clients deal in highly sensitive, proprietary information that absolutely must remain secure. Protected Trust uses a Tier IV Data Center that meets the highest standards for privacy and security of stored data.

Every business creates data. That data – by definition – is an asset, and assets need to be protected. Protected Trust offers options to protect data throughout its lifecycle, from creation to transit to destruction. Options like one-click email encryption, data archiving, and journaling help give clients peace of mind about their digital assets.

Personalized Customer Service

When dealing with technology the issue is when a client will need customer service, not if they will. Being able to reach out to a human being when trouble arises is critical for resolving email issues.

“We have never had a significant problem [with Protected Trust email] in all these years,” reported Gene, “and the one issue we did have was our fault, but was fixed in less than 20 minutes after we reached out to the help desk.”

Protected Trust provides personal service. Clients know the support technician with whom they are speaking, they can know where their data resides (an important consideration, for instance, with the data jurisdiction in some industries), and have numerous options to reach out for help.


Protected Trust exceeded the expectations of DMGroup and their nationally- recognized client list. A hosted Exchange provider in a world-class data center, with excellent customer support is exactly what DMGroup needed.

“The best compliment though,” joked Gene, “is that my wife had to try all my other email ventures and thinks Protected Trust is the best thing since sliced bread.”