If there is one car trend I hate more than everything turning into a crossover, is the loss of nobs from stereos. If I’m adjusting the AC, tuning the radio or changing volume, ONLY a knob will do. Buttons and touchscreen sliders just can’t replace the brutal simplicity of a dial, and I make actual car purchasing decisions based on this.

So when we all got Microsoft Surfaces I was excited to see a Bluetooth dial among the grab bag of accessories. More than just a circular way to make linear adjustments, the Dial works on the screens of Surface specifically, joining the virtual and the real in a very novel way. Anywhere you plop the dial on you surface becomes a toolbar (tool circle thingy) on screen.

Like everything in the Surface line, the Surface Dial enables creativity where and how you want to be creative. Which is great because creativity is the life blood of practically any business. That said, like every thing Microsoft does, Dial has some very practical uses as well. While not vital for any department in a company, it's definitely a nice-to-have accessory in any department as well.

As with the rest of the Surface's lines of accessories, desktops, laptops and 2-in-1's, the Dial can be added for a very low monthly cost when you use our Surface-as-a-Service program. After having spent a few weeks with the Dial I've really come to appreciate it. I even found myself reaching for it at home while editing some video.

Is it a must-have accessory? I'd be lying if I said everyone needs to have a Dial, but I can say that in a short period of time I've had it, it's become second nature to use, and I miss it when I don't have it. Even the folks in accounting find it useful when they are having to do a lot of scrolling through spreadsheets.

It's also exciting to see a computer manufacturer giving consumers new way to interact with their device. The business workstation hasn't changed a lot since in the past 20 years, adhering to the same basic format of workstation, mouse and keyboard. Surface blows this paradigm wide open. It enables users to work how they work best, instead of rigidly adhering to an outdated philosophy of how workstations "should" be used. If you haven't tried Surface out we highly recommend taking a look. If you are interested in them for your company and would like a demo, contact us to get started.