Technology breaches have affected the way companies look at cybersecurity, but also made people revaluate how they expect it to work.

Data loss is a typical consequence of a cyberattack, and using a secure data encryption provider can be a basic solution to protect a company against having data compromised. Users have been looking for better options in data recovery, and consumers have also been hoping for secure and improved cloud systems in an office setting.

What clients want out of data recovery and cybersecurity
Kroll Ontrack highlighted how data recovery has become a common practice among companies due to cyber data breaches, which is now a typical occurrence.

"From viruses such as CryptoLocker to mass cybersecurity attacks, security protocols were a high-profile concern for corporations in 2014," said Paul Le Messurier, program and operations manager at Kroll Ontrack. "When malicious intent ensues, it is critical to get an expert involved that understands the complexity and urgency of rapidly responding to the incident, while giving you a deep understanding of where your data is and where it's going."

Businesses have been requesting more data recovery options, but so have individuals for mobile and SSD devices. The source said that recovery requests rose by 42 percent for phones in particular. These requests are pushing companies such as Apple to create data recovery technology available to consumers.

How successful is cybersecurity in the cloud?
Infoworld discussed the expectations consumers have for the cloud due to the increased need for cybersecurity. Users expect the cloud to be more available and cost-effective for businesses on top of having good security. The source highlighted that the cloud is secure as it can be, but its level of protection depends on how big the cybersecurity on top of it is. Infoworld gave the example of Sony Pictures, which most recently suffered a huge cyberattack - however, the breach was not due to cybersecurity issues, but unreported hacks that became too much for the company's system to bear.

The cloud is also evolving to be much more complex, as companies are moving to use hybrid cloud and multicloud systems, which include large architectures and layers of both security and data. As the cloud becomes more common in businesses, the more advanced it be.

How consumer expectations are changing
This past year's cybersecurity mess has developed the desire in consumers for better security and technology products. Storage and software companies will be challenged by these expectations and also expected to keep up with the new cybersecurity protocols that will be put into place.

"In today's security-conscious and highly regulated world, it is more important than ever for entities to ensure data security methods and protocols put in place are functioning as designed and are verified that they work properly to protect information," said Robin England, senior research and development engineer at Kroll Ontrack.

The upcoming year will be tough for any entity involved with cybersecurity or technology. However, if firms pay attention to what clients are saying and the trends that will be up and coming for 2015, they can be successful in appeasing the masses.