We’re always on the lookout for a more modern office, it’s what our clients rely on us to help them achieve. So, when Microsoft releases a preview of a new productivity tool, we’re playing with it on day one, so when it’s ready for prime time, we’re ready to help clients use it to get work done.

Microsoft describes Whiteboard as a “freeform digital canvas where ideas, content, and people come together,” and after a few days of working with it, we’ve found this to be an accurate description. We work with whiteboards every day here. Many of our offices and conference rooms sport floor to ceiling painted-on whiteboards that we manage to regularly fill with network diagrams, flow charts, and notes.

The only problem is we aren’t always able to be in the same room when we need to have a meeting. Video conferencing and screen sharing using Microsoft Teams has mostly helped us overcome this obstacle but when we start sketching on the whiteboard the folks not in the room are left out of the conversation. Whiteboard is the best attempt we’ve seen to date in making a virtual whiteboard possible.

Imagine having a limitless virtual space (the board becomes bigger as needed) that everyone in your company can contribute to in real time anywhere they can find an internet connection. Add to that the ability to move around and edit sketches and add photos and animation, you end up with a product that is so much more than just a shiny white board.

How do I get it?

Microsoft Whiteboard Preview is the first public release for this groundbreaking app. As it is now, it will provide a great experience for personal ideation, team brainstorming, and group discussions, but expect improvements as Microsoft takes it out of Preview mode in a few months. You can download the Microsoft Whiteboard Preview for free from the Windows Store on any Windows 10 or Windows 10S device.

We’re excited to be able to move our sketching’s to Microsoft Whiteboard, however, we’re going to be stuck with no use for all these super-glossy white walls all over our offices…