Data centers will be going through some huge changes this year. Last year, news stories about the infiltration of companies like Sony Entertainment and Home Depot encouraged businesses to recognize the importance of cybersecurity and what it means for them.

The concept of what a data center is will be going through changes due to customer expectations and the changing cybersecurity environment. Cybersecurity has been forcing many organizations to take a second look at their tactics to protect data and software, and basic security like email encryption is now a necessary tool.

Data centers have not gone unaffected by the damage these cyberattacks have caused. Here are the some predictions for data centers this year:

The Internet of Things
Upsite highlighted the Internet of Things as a huge characteristic of technology in 2015. Involving everything in digitalization - such as household appliances like refrigerators - will be a huge priority for businesses. TechRepublic added that the growth of IoT devices will cause data centers to scramble to process and store the data that comes of the new technology. The former source predicted that by the end of 2020, there will be 30 billion connected end-points through the IoT.

Size changes
TechRepublic predicted that data centers will have some growing pains. These will be due to major decisions like transferring services off-site because of the benefits that can come with it, such as less technology and fewer staff. In-house data centers will shift to commercial data centers, expanding themselves in the process. Upsite added that mega data centers or multiple data centers will become prominent because of the increasing demand for cloud and financial ease.

Larger data centers are expected to recruit a more talented staff due to the complexity of blending IT and facility infrastructures. This means that decisions will be easier to make through the automated system rather at a human level, according to Upsite. Apple, Google and Facebook are three examples of companies that have already had custom-built Data Infrastructure Management systems, and all three are leading by example to smaller data centers.

Upsite also predicted that data centers will become more efficient and standardized with all of these predictions in place. The meaning of what a data center is will change along with these predictions, as a more industrialized view of the data center will be replacing the current definition.