Cyber-viruses, cyber-ransom, cyber-hacks, cyber-security, cyber-malware, cyber-attacks, cyber-theft - each day the headlines present a new Internet threat attacking businesses. And not just big businesses, but all businesses with smaller businesses even more vulnerable. Last year, small and medium businesses lost billions of dollars to criminals operating on the Internet.

When you leave your business each day, you lock the door and give it a tug to know that your business is protected till the next morning. But, cyber-threats work around the clock, so how do you know that your business is secure? First, here are some quick tips to let you know your business may not be secure:

  • You paid to make it secure - Cyber-security cannot be achieved with a one-time payment anymore than you can lock your door just one-time. Cyber-security is a process that has to be maintained 24 x 7 x 365.
  • You've never been attacked - Most cyber-threats go on for months without detection. Many threats work in the background stealing business or personal information before they go for a big score such as ransomware.
  • You're not worth attacking - Ransomware, by itself, is a billion dollar industry aimed primarily at small businesses.
  • You have backup - Having a backup that hasn't been tested doesn't mean you have a backup and even with a backup your business can be down for weeks while data is restored.
  • You have an I.T. person - Cyber-threats are constantly evolving and if your I.T. staff is kept busy with day-to-day problems, they may not be familiar with all the latest threats and the required defenses.

To protect your business, you need to make cyber-security a process just like you do when closing up your business for the day. Cyber-security requires:

  • Constant diligence - Someone should monitor security around the clock to prevent and react ot threats.
  • Multi-layered security - No one protection can guarantee security. Only a multi-layered approach can provide adequate defenses.
  • User Training - 95% of all threats originate as email messages that look familiar. Users require training to avoid any emails that slip through.
  • Fast Reaction - When threats are detected, only a quick response can prevent the problem from spreading throughout your company and to your customers.

Protected Trust has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building a team that can keep businesses safe from cyber-threats. Contact us today for a free security evaluation and recommendations on ways you can prevent the "cyber" from attacking your business.