Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting our partner Rubrik at our Winter Haven facilities. We discussed our vision of expanding with Rubrik's next generation backup solution to improve our TCO and tailor our service offerings to exceed our clients' needs.

We look forward to working with Rubrik and are excited to see the next evolution in backups. Follow Rubrik on twitter for the upcoming case study video.

What plans do you have for Rubrik to help evolve your managed service offerings?

We’re building a business model with multi-tenant clients and plan to offer Backup-as-a-Service based on SLA policies – the frequency at which you want to backup, where you want to store your backups and for what duration. We’ll be offering public cloud storage, in addition to object storage at Protected Trust, for secure data archival too. Rubrik’s ability to securely orchestrate data across private and public cloud for long-term data retention helps us service our clients operating in heavily regulated industries with stringent security standards like HIPAA.