Here’s a long-time favorite of Protected Trust users: You can be notified right when someone views a message you send.  This is huge in business, because you need to know that important records and documents get to where they need to go in a timely manner.

When this feature is enabled for a message you send, the system will send you an email back when each of the recipients views the message.

Try it out! If you’re using our add-in for Microsoft Outlook, click the button that says “Read Receipt” (shown below on the left).  Using the web app, check the box that says “Notify me when viewed” (shown below on the right).  This is a super simple way to know when your message has been opened.

But Wait, There’s More

Read receipts are just the beginning. The Delivery Status and Proof of Delivery Log take it to the next level by showing you exactly when, how, and by whom a secure email has been accessed.  The Proof of Delivery Log tab also shows which file attachments have been viewed or downloaded.

Try it out! Sign in at, click Sent Messages, and select a message you’re interested in.  The delivery status & proof of delivery log tabs are shown at the bottom of the message body.