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ArrMaz Custom Chemicals’ transition to the Exchange system with Protected Trust offered a smooth, seamless move for all of its employees. ArrMaz rests assured knowing Protected Trust possesses the resources to meet any and all demands.

“We have customers around the world, and I think anyone with a global presence needs to con- sider security and infrastructure. Protected Trust satisfied our concerns.”

Gary Hale,
IT Director
ArrMaz Custom Chemicals

ArrMaz and Protected Trust Enjoy Good Chemistry

Organization: ArrMaz Custom ChemicalsIndustry: Chemical
Location: Mulberry, FL, US

ArrMaz Custom Chemicals is a specialty chemical manufacturer headquartered in Mulberry, Florida. Uncovering specific needs and delivering effective solutions that create customer value have been the company’s core philosophies.

With its roots in Florida phosphate, ArrMaz has become a global leader in supplying the fertilizer, mining, asphalt, construction, industrial minerals and water treatment markets. The company does business in over 70 countries and continually seeks new markets, applications, geographies, and customers.

The Challenge

ArrMaz had the challenge of using an aging GroupWise platform for its email system.

“While a solid program, it was not keeping up with what Outlook or Exchange offered,” says Garry Hale, IT director at ArrMaz. “We needed to get more modern. The people we were hiring already knew Exchange and Outlook so we decided to go ahead and update.”

Garry wanted a solution that would minimize disruption while keeping IT expenses and infrastructure down. He decided a cloud-based solution would meet those needs.

The Protected Trust Solution

After carefully evaluating all the options, Garry selected Protected Trust. He says the people behind the product made it an easy decision.

“Bill Sands was so low key during the whole process. He took any concern of ‘Did we make right decision?’ away from us. He played a very important part. We received the same level of comfort and courtesy from Chris Bridges. I think you need to look strongly at a company’s people more than the product itself. “

ArrMaz has more than 300 employees, and the migration went smoothly with no interruption in service.

“We chose to migrate one user at a time over a period of three or four months,” says Garry. “Our people all wear other hats, so we wanted a smooth process that wouldn’t interfere with their responsibilities. And we can still get to our GroupWise archiving history. There has not been a serious hiccup -- or any hiccup at all.

“Like the rest of the world, we use email for communications and filing, so we had concerns about performance and security. Protected Trust’s location in nearby Winter Haven gives us the confidence that we’re close to the circuitry to get on the main information superhighway. We have customers around the world, and I think anyone with a global presence needs to consider security and infrastructure. Protected Trust satisfied our concerns.”

One of the benefits to ArrMaz is the new system’s ease of use.

“The company is growing rapidly, and everyone we hire comes on board knowing Outlook,” says Garry. “As far as productivity, new employees hit the road running

Also, ArrMaz no longer pays an annual subscription for software maintenance.

“That’s an advantage because we don’t have as much focus on the actual business of running an email platform, especially when doing backup,” says Garry. “Overnight backup often ran into production time the following morning. We’re a 24/7 company so it’s important to have no downtime. With colocation and someone else doing backup, we know we can do a restore and rely on Protected Trust to make it happen. We have gained time for staff to focus on other things, which has kept us from having to add people.


“Ultimately, the Protected Trust solution works -- and works without disrupting the other things IT focuses on. When we call for support we get it. The whole process has been extremely seamless and has really paid dividends. “