Email security has become a more common pressure point for health care providers and financial services firms in the past few years, especially as consumers become more sensitive to the privacy of their data and communications amid increased prevalence of breaches and identity theft. To oblige the requirements under the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, as well as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, organizations must become more proactive in initiating email encryption and communications governance strategies.

One trend that has essentially flipped the cybersecurity market on its head has been mobility, which has been marked by the rapidly increasing diversity and volume of connected devices and applications. When formulating an email security strategy that will cover mobility-related activities and risks, encryption and app oversight must be the top priority for decision-makers in the health care and financial services arenas.

Inside app security
Wall Street and Technology, a subsidiary of InformationWeek, recently reported that mobile applications are among the most threatening components of modern IT considering the substantially high prevalence of malware and other types of malicious code. According to the news provider, financial services firms have some of the most aggressive application development and management programs in the world, but the focus on security has not been strong enough.

Generally speaking, an organization will tend to take one of two paths toward application utilization and delivery in the banking sector, choosing either internal development or outside procurement. The source stated that one study from Osterman Research found that 40 percent of financial services firms are offering between one and five applications to their customers, yet a quarter of these entities were not aware of threats to security that could be found in applications and storage environments.

Wall Street and Technology noted that malicious applications are everywhere, and decision-makers must become more focused upon securing use of the software in the future.

Apps and email security
Many organizations, especially those that have deployed enterprise mobility programs such as BYOD, will use applications for email communications. In fact, almost every email service is considered a piece of software, meaning that all businesses will need to focus on application security to shore up the defense of these transactions.

By leveraging the services of an email encryption provider, financial services and health care firms can better sidestep the dangers of modern corporate computing.