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Protected Trust offered a simple, yet versatile document management and archival solution - all backed by an unrivaled support team.

Protected Trust’s Archive Studio delivers for leading manufacturing and distribution company

Organization: Allied Wire and Cable
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Collegeville, PA

Allied Wire and Cable is one of the largest, privately owned manufacturers and distributors of electrical wire and cable products in the United States—and they’re still growing. For more than 20 years, many of the largest industries in the country, from the government and military to aerospace, automotive and telecommunications companies, have come to rely on Allied for all their wire, cable, tubing and accessory needs.

The Challenge

When Allied Wire and Cable’s document management system crashed, it slowed operations and threatened to hamper customer service. With no help from its document management company, Allied turned to Protected Trust’s Archive Studio.

What started as a quick and economical solution helped Allied see the benefits of a superior content management solution that supports a growing company.

Allied Wire and Cable is one of the largest distributors of electrical wire and cable products in the United States. Processing and shipping millions of dollars of inventory a month requires lots of paperwork. So Allied relies on Paula Lamkins to help manage documentation and sales orders. And she relies on software to help make it all possible.

“Many of our products must have a certification of compliance,” she says. “It’s critical that we can document that a product meets specifications. If we can’t, it doesn’t go out the door. So when our document management system failed, it became a major problem. And getting no response from the vendor was an even bigger problem.”

So Gene Evans, Allied’s IT director, turned to Protected Trust.

“We needed a solution and needed it fast,” he says. “I knew Archive Studio would be a great content management software, and Protected Trust would be the service-oriented company we were looking for.”

The Protected Trust Solution

Protected Trust delivered. It had Archive Studio up and running in just one day. Installation was fast – and cost effective.

“It cost less to switch to Archive Studio than it would have cost for an upgraded version of our old software,” says Paula.

Because of its ease of use and the support from Protected Trust, Paula rolled out Archive Studio throughout the company by herself.

“I’m not an IT person,” she says, “but with Archive Studio I don’t have to be.” If she needs help, she calls Protected Trust’s tech support.

“I get a live person who knows me and my company,” she says. “I’m on the phone with someone who is actually glad to help.”


Better customer service alone would have made switching to Protected Trust’s Archive Studio worthwhile. But the features it brings to Allied make the bottom-line difference.

Archive Studio makes order processing more efficient, compliance documents more legible, and the system more reliable.

Because Archive Studio can read barcodes, Allied staff no longer have to enter sales order numbers by hand. What once took three days to do now takes about two hours. That’s 91 percent faster!

Allied’s communications also flow easier. Archive Studio’s browser-based web search lets unlimited users search and access documents simultaneously from multiple locations.

“Our email server used to be packed with messages asking coworkers to log off the system so others could access information,” says Paula. “Locating some documents would take an hour. Now it takes only 10 seconds. It’s comforting to know we have the right software in place, and the support from a company that values customer service as much as we do.”

Protected Trust’s Archive Studio did more than solve a crisis. It became a problem-free cure for the growing pains Allied Wire and Cable suffered at the hands of an antiquated document management system.