Cyberthreats have become widespread in recent years, and companies are cracking down to improve their cybersecurity methods. According to the Credit Union Times, cybercrime is no longer small and petty and is expected to continue to escalate this year.

There are many strategies organizations can use to ensure their cybersecurity is top notch. Here are four tips to enhance company data protection:

1. Assess and alter the network
IT infrastructure must be reviewed thoroughly to see if there  are any holes in the system. The Boston Business Journal recommended identifying any security gaps and developing a plan based on them. Organizations have to search through all departments for these risks.

"It's not just an IT problem," Tom Garcia, president and CEO of Infosight, an information security and compliance management company, told the Credit Union Times. "Conversations about cybersecurity have come out of the computer room and gone into the boardroom, and that's as it should be."

2. Determine who has control
Access is especially important in cybersecurity. Risks can come from not only external sources, but from employees within the company. Many workers often have access to data they don't necessarily need to do their jobs, so organizations must figure out where these holes are and eliminate them.

According to the Credit Union Times, there also needs to be an understanding about who is responsible for keeping processes updated and modernized. Risk controls and guidelines for a response to cyberattacks and disasters must be in place to keep information safe.

3. Inform and educate
Corporations need to take the time to teach their workers how to approach cybersecurity on their own. Many bad habits migrate to the office from home, such as opening unsolicited emails and attachments.

According to the Boston Business Journal, something as simple as telling employees to not give out their passwords can eliminate risk. The Credit Union Times additionally suggested handing out reports to the board and workers so they can also develop strategies to deter cyberthreats in the company.

4. Use external sources carefully
The Credit Union Times discussed how important it is to examine third-party providers - such as secure email services - and determine how much authorization they have and what tools they use for protection.

"If someone has access to your network, do they have cyber-liability insurance coverage?" Garcia asked the source. "They should."

Keeping the business cybersecurity program updated is crucial in this day and age. Cyberthreats are no longer a possibility - they are now an inevitable threat all industries have to face.