New technology such as the cloud has offered businesses a variety of benefits, one of them being the ability to be more productive. When companies use the cloud, they don't have to worry about the maintenance and work that is required from a localized data infrastructure, and they have much more time on their hands.

Here are four tips for companies looking to utilize the cloud to its best ability:

1. Maximize visibility and upkeep
Information Week insisted companies keep tabs on all their technology services and tools. It can be difficult to do this when automation has become so prominent in the corporate world. Using the cloud can tempt employees to overlook applications and data and let the cloud host take care of it, but this should never become a habit. Having tight security means keeping all assets under a watchful eye to protect and secure them.

2. Stay consistent
When companies move from leveraging internal IT to cloud services, they often think that there should be an entirely different approach to data availability. This is not true. Tech news publication On Windows recommended companies take the "3-2-1" approach to minimize any data loss risk. This means saving three copies of data on two separate kinds of storage media, one of which should be offsite. Although the cloud is secure and often has many recovery tools in place, it should be approached with the same security measures as localized IT.

3. Keep an action plan
Breaches are to happen for extremely likely to befall  any company in any industry. Cyberattacks used to be a lesser priority, but now, it's believed to be only a matter of time before a business suffers from one. Information Week reported that companies must have a security plan in place that will allow them to react quickly if a breach occurs. As part of this strategy, firms should have the capability to know when information has been compromised and what steps can be taken to lessen the blow.

4. Limit access
Companies should only permit network access to employees who have a legitimate need for the information, but all too often, other workers are allowed to access the data as well. Taking control of these settings takes a determined eye, and organizations need to make a plan to avoid opening up their data stores to anyone who doesn't need access. When too many staff members have access to a system, there is a higher risk of a breach or cyberattack.

Keeping the cloud secure and maintained should be a top priority for any business. Also, having extra security measures in place such as email encryption through secure email providers can boost technology security in any organization.